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Water Treatment Solution 


Our ultrafiltration water treatment solution delivers high quality, safe drinking water to sustain between 100 ~ 1,000 EP for daily essential needs of rural communities. We deliver safe drinking water immediately after setup.

  • Rural communities Base camp, disaster relief, military

  • Effective filtration of surface and bore water

  • No electricity required for filtration.

  • Simple setup

  • Filter will last up to 5 years without replacement

  • Pore size – 0.01 micron

  • Removes up to 99.99% virus and 99.9999% Bacteria

  • Invented and designed in Australia

  • Simple backwash System

  • Patent Pending


Arsenic and Fluoride exceed national standards in many countries. Our ASFX adsorptive media delivers high quality safe drinking water for countries with Arsenic and Fluoride contamination in their drinking water.

ASFX is a proprietary adsorptive media boasting the world highest adsorption capacity for Arsenic (III and V) and Fluoride. 

ASFX is simple to use and requires no costly equipment, chemicals for backwashing, oxidation, flocculation or coagulation for pre or post treatment. 

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